<title>Rand.fun, a funtastic service to generate random data</title>

That's all the documentation you need to start using the API 😉

We have a basic limit for unauthenticated requests. If you want to increase the limit, ping me on randfun@laux.es.

Unauthenticated120 requests / hour per IP Address
Token authentication1000 - ∞ requests / hour

Errors will return a valid JSON with useful information. You can parse the error field to get an human readable error.

// Request: https://api.rand.fun/number/integer?min=5&max=1
// Response: 400 (Bad request)
  "error":"The minimum can't be bigger than maximum"

The API is rate limited based on tokens or IP Address. If your application exceed the limitations, you will receive a 429 status code. Check the x-ratelimit-remaining response header to know the remaining requests.

// Request: https://api.rand.fun/number/integer
// Response: 429 (Too Many Requests)
  "error":"Too many funtastic requests! Please try again later"