Rand.fun is service created by Angel. In this page you will find some useful information to keep in mind when you're using this service.

🏗 This page is not finished yet. Also, I'm not a mathematician. I'm an Enginner who loves to develop projects like this. Feel free to ping me if you believe that something is not correct or it's not well explained.


A cool service that uses a pseudo random number generator (PRNG) to provide random data to you.

Rand.fun is a service that provides random data of different datasets. Internally, it uses the Richard Brent Xorgens (xor4096) pseudo random number generator (PRNG) to randomize the results.

As PRNG, the result is determined by a seed. This seed can be forced to reproduce a result. If no seed is set, the seed is generated with a true random number generator (TRNG).

Nope. However, results are reasonably unpredictable.

As it uses a PRNG, it's not a true random generator. However, it's reasonable unpredictable. That means the results are not completely random, but they cannot be predicted in an easy way.

They key is that this API is not focused on generating large sequences of results. Based on that, every user will get a different seed and the results will be enough unpredictable.

It's faster and results can be reproduced.

PRNGs are very fast. You don't need to wait a second to get a response from the API.

Also, the results are reproducible. If you set the seed as a parameter, the API will return the same value. That feature is useful to reproduce sequences without storing all the values.


This service doesn't provide any warranty about the quality of the generated random data. If your application really need a TRNG, I recommend you to check random.org.

Software that doesn't require true random data. For example, personal projects or processes in games that don't involve user money.

Feel free to use this service as is. You will get a lot of difference random datasets that can be used in infinite projects. I'll be very glad to hear how you use this service and the great projects you made with it.

This is a fun service and you can continue the fun with your own projects ;)

Don't use it for applications that requires true random numbers like security or lottery services.

The selected PRNG is not a Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator (CSPRNG) nor a TRNG. Please, don't use this service for software that requires true random number generators. This service is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Use it under your own responsability.